Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I've recently put together a cohesive archive of all the "SPOTLIGHT" mixes I've aired during select 'GREENROOM' programs on BASSDRIVE Radio. Each mix features a single or team of producers' body of work up to the particular time of broadcast (some of them dating back to original air dates of 2006). Load up your MP3 players and get ready to enjoy nearly 50 HOURS worth of music mixed by STUNNA from some of the best established and unsung artists in DRUM+BASS. Enjoy!!

••• Link to all the "SPOTLIGHT" Mixes on Souncloud: ((( CLICK HERE )))

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' 2013 Review/2014 Preview Special: December 25, 2013

That time of year has once again reared its head, and on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 25th, STUNNA presents the annual 'Year In Review/Year Ahead Preview' installment of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this edition, we take a look back at the action-packed year of 2013, highlight some great moments in DRUM+BASS music's many forms, and also take a sneak peek at what the future holds in 2014 and beyond.

I wish to give a great big 'THANKS' to all the great producers, record labels, listeners and supporters who make hosting this show week in/week out a true pleasure each session. Hope you all have a healthy, happy, and safe holiday season wherever you are in the world. Tune in!!!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from DUDAWLES: December 18, 2013

As we move deeper into the month of DECEMBER, on WEDNESDAY the 18th, we turn our attention to yet another up-and-coming DJ/producer who unveils a very special guest mix exclusively for 'THE GREENROOM.' I present to you: DUDAWLES.

Some of you might remember the name DUDAWLES (aka ANDREI LUPSA) as a featured producer from the GREENROOM Feature Mix on ROMANIA and its Producers which aired back in OCTOBER. He's been a fixture in the ROMANIAN DRUM+BASS DJ circuit for the past few years and has recently entered the production arena as well. With upcoming releases on revered labels such as AVANTGARDE and INNERACTIVE, DUDAWLES is set to be a name heard a lot more about in 2014 and beyond. Here are a few more words about DUDAWLES from the man himself.......

"I was born in 1985 in TARGU MURES, a small city in ROMANIA, around 150,000 people live in it. I was very into music and developed my artistic side since the age of 6. I went to dance school, won a couple of dance competitions, was addicted to music, always loved to listen to so many different genres. I think signals that I would probably do something more serious in this direction started very early. Until I was 18, I used to listen to a lot of electronic music but never got the chance to hear a DRUM+BASS tune, accesibility was a problem in ROMANIA back then.

In my college years, after moving to CLUJ-NAPOCA, while attending a few raves I started listening to a lot of BREAKBEAT, and in ROMANIA back in 2004 everyone would associate BREAKBEAT with DRUM+BASS, every rave had DNB DJ and a breakbeat DJ, so my friend DAN who is also a DNB DJ took me to my first DNB rave, I think it was 2004 and the most memorable night for me was in TIMISOARA where I got the chance to see MARCUS INTALEX play a fantastic set. I can still remember I had goose bumps when the guy played his tune "3AM" at exactly 3AM. It sounded perfect. I was hooked, especially when I first heard SHY FX "DIARY OF A DIGITAL SOUNDBOY," released back in 2005. I think i've listened to that LP over 100 times.

Since then I became a huge DNB fan but only got involved with DJing and producing in 2009. I first bought a couple of PIONEER CDJ 100s and a BEHRINGER mixer for home use and started playing around with them and very soon after got my first gig in a local pub in CLUJ-NAPOCA. Things moved very fast from then on. I loved DJing. I used to practice for hours at home (had no other job at that time) and started playing clubs around CLUJ. Soon came the producing part, which took a lot of my time but got me signing a few tunes on some respected labels in the game. With this, came more bookings at festivals and clubs around ROMANIA, even a few gigs in GERMANY. I got the chance to warm-up for big names likes S.P.Y, NETSKY, ALIX PEREZ, LENZMAN, BTK, CYANTIFIC, FRED V, GRAFIX, LOGISTICS, ED RUSH, etc."

Lock in this session as we're treated to a guest mix from this exciting DJ/producer as he highlights many of his favorite current tracks doing the rounds as well as original music straight out of DUDAWLES's studio. Tune in!!

**For more information on DUDAWLES, visit:

• DUDAWLES on Soundcloud
• DUDAWLES on Facebook
• DUDAWLES on Mixcloud
• DUDAWLES on Youtube
• DUDAWLES Main Page

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from THESIS: December 4, 2013

On DECEMBER 4th, STUNNA kicks off the month with yet another very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. For this installment, we turn our attention to a young producer on the rise who's put together an exclusive guest mix just for this session. I introduce to you: THESIS.

Hailing from CAMBRIDGE, UK, THESIS (aka MATT ANDERSON) is an ATMOSPHERIC/LIQUID DRUM+BASS producer who's been steadily expanding and evolving his sound over recent years. Taking strong influences from film and video game original soundtracks, THESIS is one of the few up-and-coming producers in D+B who is effectively bridging the gap between the ATMOSPHERIC and LIQUID FUNK sub-genres of the music.

Having been shown the basics of LOGIC PRO by a friend at university, and since then learning to use the software largely via a combination of trial, error and intuition, in more recent years, THESIS has been learning, developing and moving forward with his productions. Already attracting the attention and support from scene luminaries such as LTJ BUKEM, LOMAX, STUNNA, TECHNIMATIC, LM1 and METHODUS, over the past couple of years in particular, THESIS has matured his production techniques to a point where he has established his own original sound: a signature sound combining beautiful and ethereal atmospheres with deep, rolling, bass lines to create truly warm productions that envelop the listener with a full range of emotions.

Now following a string of releases on prominent labels such as SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS, ROTATION UK and DNBB RECORDINGS, THESIS is confidently making his mark in the scene with his uniquely ethereal and deeply soulful LIQUID sound. He is a producer who firmly favors 'quality over quantity' - with his own music as well as that of other artists in the mix. With fresh material currently in the works, as well as forthcoming releases on labels such as ADVECTION MUSIC UK and REMINISCENCE AUDIO, THESIS is truly one of the young, talented artists of his generation to watch out for. Tune in!!

**For more information on THESIS, visit:

• THESIS on Soundcloud
• THESIS on Facebook

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Friday, November 22, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from SEEREAL: November 27, 2013

Back again, on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, it's time for another very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. In this installment, we're treated to an exclusive guest mix from a very talented upcoming producer, promoter, and DJ known as: SEEREAL.

Based in PARIS, FRANCE, SEEREAL has made his name as an established DJ and has recently moved into the production realm of the DRUM+BASS world. With current and upcoming solo releases lined up on IM: Ltd, CITRUS, CELSIUS, LIQUID BRILLIANTS, and DARKTIDE, SEEREAL has also found time to team up with fellow countryman TREEX to form a production duo known as 'KORUS.' The duo has already seen the fruits of their labor with recent signings to both INFLUENZA MEDIA and the legendary J. MAJIK's INFRARED imprint.

In anticipation of performing at the upcoming label showcase presented by IM: Ltd at the GLAZART nightclub in PARIS on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13th (an evening which also features the talents of established label mates ZERO T and MORTEM), SEEREAL has put together a special mix of upfront, cutting-edge sounds exclusively for 'THE GREENROOM.' Tune in!!

*For more information on SEEREAL, visit:

• SEEREAL on Soundcloud
• SEEREAL on Facebook
• SEEREAL on Twitter

**Also, here's a promo video for the upcoming IM: Ltd label night in Paris on December 13th @ Glazart club:

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from BANK: November 20, 2013

On WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2013, STUNNA presents yet another very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. In this installment, we turn our attention to a very talented producer on the rise. On the eve of the release of his debut album entitled 'SLEEPLESS NIGHTS' on the TEXTURES MUSIC GROUP imprint, we have an exclusive mix from BANK.

Originally hailing from BALTIMORE, SAM 'BANK' got into DJing and music production from an early age. Influenced by the deep sounds of JUNGLE, SAM eventually found his producing heart in soulful DRUM+BASS. Drawing from inspiration across broad spectrums of sounds both old and new, BANK aspires to create beautiful music meant to move the listener (both on and beyond the dance floor). Having spent the last decade living in LOS ANGELES, SAM now resides in LONDON working towards his MASTER'S while producing (and enjoying) DRUM+BASS in its ancestral home/mecca.

BANK's tunes have been released on many labels including BEATALISTICS, PLUSH RECORDINGS, LIQUID BRILLIANTS, and SODAJERKZ, with exclusive signings on TEXTURES MUSIC GROUP and SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS. Lock in this session to hear many exclusive tracks including cuts from his soon-to-be-released 'SLEEPLESS NIGHTS' album on TEXTURES MUSIC GROUP. You don't want to miss this All-Originals Mix from the true talent known as 'BANK'.

**For more information on BANK, visit:

• SAM BANK Main Website
• BANK on Soundcloud
• BANK on Facebook

***Recent interview for K-MAG: • HERE •

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from FRESHMOON (MoonDoctor + FreshTillDef): November 13, 2013

Through the years, the evolution and merging of OLD SCHOOL JUNGLE and DRUM+BASS music has traversed many paths and cross-bred with countless other forms of BASS MUSIC to create a myriad of niche scenes which all can be found under a colorful umbrella covering tempos between 160 and 180 Beats Per Minute. One of the more exciting sub-genres to rear its head within the DRUM+BASS world recently has been borne out of styles and sounds found within the FOOTWORK and JUKE/GHETTO HOUSE scenes based out of CHICAGO. Two of the leading lights producing this music with a fresh new take on D+B/JUNGLE/808-heavy-beats are MoonDoctoR and FreshTillDef (and when united, form "FreshMoon").

Born and raised in CHICAGO (currently residing in sunny SAN ANTONIO), MoonDoctoR (aka TONY MUDACA JR.), has been exposed to all forms of music from an early age and has evolved to become a true student of dance music and its culture. Whether it be producing a prolific and versatile output within the studio domain, behind the decks, or teamed up with his wife FreshTillDef (LACEY MUNDACA) managing the FreshMoon Records imprint (which is set to unveil a slew of new releases, including the follow-up to the first volume of "808K" - various artist compilation), new musical boundaries are being pushed on a daily basis, especially with their alignment with the globally-acclaimed TEKLIFE Crew (whose members include luminaries such as DJ RASHAD, DJ SPINN, and DJ EARL.

Tune in this session as we're treated to an exclusive guest mix of cutting-edge sounds from MoonDoctoR and FreshTillDef as they showcase new music from around the world including forthcoming sounds from the FreshMoon Records camp. Enjoy!

**For more information, visit:

• MoonDoctoR on Facebook
• MoonDoctoR on Soundcloud
• FreshTillDef on Facebook
• FreshTillDef on Soundcloud
• FreshMoon Records on Facebook
• FreshMoon Records on Soundcloud

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' In-Studio Guest RENAN: November 6, 2013

On WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2013, STUNNA hosts a very special edition 'THE GREENROOM' by welcoming fellow CHICAGO-based DJ, producer and promoter RENAN into the studio for the session.

Beginning his career in the world of JUNGLE and DRUM+BASS back in 1994, RENAN (aka ERIK CEVALLOS) has continued to build his reputation both behind the decks and behind the scenes by promoting events around the WINDY CITY as well as co-founding the multi-service recording facility S.O.S. STUDIOS in 2011. Establishing an allegiance with like-minded local selectors, RENAN has curated the "DNBID" (Drum N Bass Is Dead) crew in the form of various regular nights such as 'RAGGAMUFFIN,' 'REFORM,' and most currently, the 'BASS RIOT!' night which finds its home the 2nd and 4th Saturday each month in the basement confines of CHICAGO's ULTRA LOUNGE.

Lock in this week as we're treated to the upfront sounds and classic selections from one of CHICAGO's finest selectors: DJ RENAN.

**For more information on a RENAN, visit:


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Friday, October 25, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' HALLOWEEN Special: October 30, 2013

As the warm winds of summer fade off into the distance and a blanket of cold air rushes over the landscape, the sun disappears earlier and the nights grow longer. Autumn has truly arrived and this can only mean one thing: it's the Annual HALLOWEEN Special in 'THE GREENROOM.' On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30th join STUNNA as he pries open the casket and reveals a cornucopia for the ears filled with ghoulish musical treats. This episode is not for the squeamish, so make sure you lock your doors, light your candles, and hold onto your headphones tightly...... it's sure to be a wild ride. Tune in!!

*** DUE TO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME: For listeners in the UK and the rest of EUROPE, this week's program will air ONE HOUR EARLIER (ie: 7-10pm in LONDON).

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Feature Mix on ROMANIA and its Producers: October 23, 2013

On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2013, STUNNA presents a truly special installment of 'THE GREENROOM.' In this edition, a first of its kind, instead of focusing our attention upon one specific producer or label, we'll be featuring the music of an entire country. It's 'THE GREENROOM' feature mix on the great nation of ROMANIA and its producers.

Although many of us are well aware of the genre's history and respect the UNITED KINGDOM as the birthplace of DRUM+BASS nearly 25 years ago, the music and its culture have been far-reaching globally and influenced countless countries enamored with the sound. One of those places is ROMANIA and, over the years, it has borne many a great producer and DJ of DRUM+BASS music.

If you've tuned into any broadcast of "THE GREENROOM' the past few years, you may have already become acquainted with a number of the ROMANIAN producers included in this week's special. Three hours in a program dedicated to focus on a vast number of talented producers definitely only chips at the proverbial 'iceberg' of the wealth and amount of music from these artists, but hopefully you'll familiarize yourselves with some new names and seek their body of work even further after the feature mix.

We'll being going deep into the sounds of DUBKRAFT RECORDS' ALIEN PIMP (who alongside RUSSIA's DATACODE, is also one half of production unit MARGINAL); discovering the world of production mind ARCHER; visiting the versatile BEEPO (who also records as FUTURE SELF alongside JTR); becoming acquainted with the talents of DAN HABARNAM; experiencing the uplifting vibes of DUBMUNK; meeting the production force known as DUDAWLES; diving into the subaquatic soundscapes of DYL; unveiling the twisted sounds of FANE; taking a journey through the smoother edges of MENTAL CHEMISTRY; and coming face to face with the one known as MIGHTY BOOGIE.

Massive respect to all the producers, DJs, MCs, labels, promoters, and music supporters from ROMANIA. Enjoy the show!!

**For more information on some of ROMANIA's producers, visit:


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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Prolific RUSSIAN-based DRUM+BASS producer MAGE has recently put together a brand-new, absolutely FREE SAMPLE PACK of sounds to be used in one's own musical compositions.

The package comes loaded in WAV form with a number of BEAT CONSTRUCTION KITS, an assortment of DRUM LOOPS, as well as PIANO and musical loops. All the sounds are production-ready and can be incorporated within both commercial and non-commercial use by any budding producer.

Here's a preview of some of the sounds from the pack......


For information on MAGE, visit:


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Feature Mix on BROTHER 'COLD SHOULDER' LP: October 9, 2013

On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2013, STUNNA hosts yet another very special edition 'THE GREENROOM.' In this installment, we turn our attention towards one of DRUM+BASS music's finest producers on the scene today: BROTHER.

Although UK-based BROTHER (aka PAUL DONALD) has released a number of stellar original tracks and remixes in recent times, it's actually been four years since the delivery of his debut album 'HIDDEN DEPTHS' on FOKUZ RECORDINGS in 2009. Autumn 2013 sees the release of his follow-up LP for FOKUZ entitled 'COLD SHOULDER.' The new album is a sprawling trip, winding its way through D+B on one CD, then heading into the deeper waters of HOUSE music on a second disc, all the while keeping an intelligent and refined vibe intact throughout the journey.

Tune in this week as STUNNA presents an exclusive mix featuring tracks from the 'COLD SHOULDER' LP as well as music from the 'HIDDEN DEPTHS' LP, various singles, and a few unreleased original tracks and collaborations to illustrate the many talents and facets of the one called BROTHER.

**For more information on a BROTHER, visit:

• BROTHER Interview for KMag

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from CALCULON (Shoot Recs/Rubik Recs): October 2, 2013

On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2013, STUNNA moves 'THE GREENROOM' into the Autumnal months with an exclusive guest mix from one of STATESIDE's leading lights in the DRUM+BASS, JUKE, FOOTWORK, and BASS worlds: CALCULON.

Hailing from sunny SAN DIEGO in Southern CALIFORNIA, CALCULON (aka NIKOLAI BORDOKOFF) has been steadily building an action-packed career in music featuring not only his studio productions and worldwide DJ sets, but also includes his work as manager for the legendary RUBIK RECORDS label and the recently-launched SHOOT RECORDINGS imprint.

SHOOT RECORDINGS is a showcase for the new BASS MUSIC sound being born out of JUKE, JUNGLE, and HARDCORE. Free from expectations and committed to innovation, SHOOT RECORDINGS is a place for producers to push the limits of BASS MUSIC, upend the methods and patterns of established sounds and create something new. And then Shoot it in the ass and do it all again.

The first release from SHOOT RECORDINGS (vinyl out now/digital lands MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th) is an absolute scorcher, and showcases the new label’s dedication to forward-thinking sounds and dance floor annihilation. First up is "THE ORIGINAL": a weighty stepper from CHRISSY MURDERBOT (LOOSE SQUARES) that’s part CHICAGO JUKE, part BRISTOL JUNGLE and all heavy-duty funk. Sporting a half-step intro that drops out into the biggest swooping bassline this side of the classic “26 BASS,” "THE ORIGINAL" has an Old School feel but definitely earns its name. Answering the challenge, PAWN (SMOG) delivers "YOUR WORDS": another beyond-genre bass monster that takes it deep without ever losing its dance floor sheen. Described by label boss CALCULON as 'dirty BASS MUSIC at its finest,' "YOUR WORDS" is a sick amalgamation of MIAMI BASS, DUBSTEP, JUKE, HIP HOP and malt liquor that could murder the subwoofer in your IMPALA or twerk your girlfriend off a riser in IBIZA, your choice.

Tune in this week as CALCULON graces the BASSDRIVE airwaves with an exclusive guest mix featuring his own productions as well as cutting-edge sounds from around the world.

**For more info on CALCULON, visit:

• RUBIK RECORDS Main Website

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Monday, September 23, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from CAINE (IM:Ltd - France): September 25, 2013

On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2013, STUNNA is proud to feature an exclusive guest mix from graphic designer, label owner, producer, and DJ CAINE (aka BASTIEN CHAUVET) on 'THE GREENROOM.'

The PARIS, FRANCE-based talent CAINE has spent the better part of his life involved in not only music, but the street culture scene surrounding it. With years' experience behind the decks, CAINE has also found time to helm the revered, cutting-edge, multi-genre electronic music imprint known as IM:Ltd. With the label's talent roster featuring the likes of SURVIVAL, PENNYGILES, PHIL TANGENT, ROY GREEN + PROTONE, ARPXP, MAURS, PAUL SG, GERWIN, FUTURE SIGNAL, ATMOSPHERIX, BUNGLE, ZERO T, and MORTEM (to name but a few), CAINE's 'golden ears' have helped nurture new talent, spotlight established names, and keep tabs on the ever-changing landscape of future music.

Tune in this week to hear what music is currently at the top of CAINE's crates........

**For more info on CAINE, visit:

• IM:Ltd Records on FACEBOOK
• IM:Ltd Records on SOUNDCLOUD

***Also, on SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 12, 2013, catch CAINE alongside SURVIVAL, PENNYGILES, POHY, and SNOWBALL for an exclusive IM:Ltd Records label night in PARIS.......

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Monday, September 2, 2013

'SUN AND BASS 2013' 10-Year Anniversary: Sept 7th-14th, Sardinia, Italy

The time is finally here: it's the monumental 10-Year Anniversary edition of the 'SUN AND BASS' festival taking place September 7th to the 14th in the scenic town of SAN TEODORO, SARDINA, ITALY. The week-long party hosts some of the finest DJs and producers in the world of DRUM+BASS music performing in intimate venues that span from beach-side locales, nightclubs, to stages under the stars.

Representing BASSDRIVE Radio and a handful of international labels, you can catch STUNNA live at two of the events during the fest......



For a full run-down of the week's action, click on the pic below:

For more information on the week's lineup and festivities, visit:

• Official SUN AND BASS Website

**You can check out two STUNNA sets from the 2012 'SUN AND BASS' festival here.......

Look forward to seeing you on the beach/poolside!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from DELICAT - SunAndBass Warm-up Special: August 28, 2013

Since 2004, something musically quite special has been happening on the MEDITERRANEAN SEAS' pristine shores of SARDINIA in the sleepy resort town of SAN TEODORO. Celebrating its 10-year anniversary of bringing DRUM+BASS music's finest DJs and producers to one of the most scenic places on earth, the SUN AND BASS festival returns this SEPTEMBER 7-14th. In this week's edition of 'THE GREENROOM,' we're treated to an exclusive guest mix from one of the founding members of the SUN AND BASS promotion team: DELICAT (aka STEFANO SIMONE).

On the eve of the 2013 edition of the SUN AND BASS festival, DELICAT gives a musical 'sneak peek' of what's to come during the week-long, sun-kissed celebration. A festival with strong ties to the UK roots of the D+B scene, SUN AND BASS has made a name for itself for also bringing together like-minded fans of the music from all corners of the globe, mainly just thru word-of-mouth. For an insightful glimpse into what makes each week-long DRUM+BASS journey so memorable, one can look to revered writer BRIAN BELLE-FORTUNE (author of seminal book 'ALL CREW MUSS BIG UP') who recently recounted past and present tales in the K-MAG article 'THE STORY OF SUN AND BASS.'

Tune in this WEDNESDAY as we get ready to head back to the beach, lounge by the pool, and dance until the sun rises again........

**For more info on this year's SUN AND BASS festival (DJ lineup, locations, overall rundown), visit: SUNANDBASS.net

Hosted by STUNNA
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' In-Studio Guests TOTAL SCIENCE + PARADOX: August 21, 2013

On WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2013, STUNNA presents a very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM.' For this broadcast, STUNNA welcomes legendary producer PARADOX for a rare in-studio appearance.

A musician releasing original music for nearly 25 years, PARADOX (DEV PANDYA) truly needs no introduction to any seasoned connoisseur of the 'DRUMFUNK' brand of DRUM+BASS music.

With a steadfast approach to creating new beat patterns out of classic, and often unearthed/forgotten drum breaks from funk, jazz, and obscure music sources, PARADOX has produced and released a staggering amount of music to date.

Along with running his own labels PARADOX MUSIC, ARCTIC MUSIC, OUTSIDER MUSIC, and ESOTERIC, PARADOX (aka ALASKA) has released original music, collaborations, and remixes on esteemed labels on the likes of METALHEADZ, REINFORCED, GOOD LOOKING, SECRET OPERATIONS, RENEGADE HARDWARE, SAMURAI, CRITICAL, HORIZONS, HOSPITAL, VIBEZ, CERTIFICATE 18, C.I.A., OFFSHORE, and PARTISAN.

PARADOX is currently in the midst of a NORTH AMERICAN tour of his live P.A. (which features unique performances of his tracks - constructing and deconstructing his music with the use of his trusty sampler and keyboard). You can catch him at the remaining upcoming stops.....

For more info on PARADOX, visit:

• PARADOX MUSIC Main Website

As an added bonus, STUNNA also welcomes one half of prolific production duo TOTAL SCIENCE into 'THE GREENROOM' studio for a special set: PAUL "SPINBACK" SMITH.

Also currently on tour in NORTH AMERICA, TOTAL SCIENCE have firmly made their mark as a household name in the DRUM+BASS community. Along with running their own C.I.A. (Computer Integrated Audio) imprint, SPINBACK + Q PROJECT have released music throughout the years on METALHEADZ, HOSPITAL, 31 RECORDS, REINFORCED, CLEAR SKYZ, CRITICAL, VIOLENCE, BINGO, INNERGROUND, DEFUNKED, CREATIVE SOURCE, INDUSTRY, EASTSIDE, TRUE PLAYAZ, TIMELESS, HARDLEADERS, and RENEGADE HARDWARE.

Just days away from the release of the 'SEE YOUR FACE' EP (SHOGUN AUDIO), TOTAL SCIENCE have a handful of further upcoming releases as well as global tour dates in the coming months.

For more info on TOTAL SCIENCE, visit:

• C.I.A. Records on FACEBOOK


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