Thursday, May 12, 2011

SABLE GRAY Gives Away 'OBSOLETE' Free Double Album

BOSTON's SABLE GRAY, one of my personal favorite producers and all-around great guy, has recently called it quits from the DRUM+BASS game and has graciously given away the stellar DOUBLE LP-length 'OBSOLETE' collection of unsigned work from the past few years. With global support from the legendary HOSPITAL RECORDS camp and past releases on labels such as GERMANY's BASSWERK, you're in for a treat with this generous helping of originals, collaborations and some bootleg action to round out the package.

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Here are a few words directly from SABLE GRAY about this project.......

"So if you ever wanted one of my tunes, but I wouldn’t send it to you because some dumb-ass label or another was sitting on it or stringing me along, that tune is probably in here. This one’s for the anoraks. Enjoy.


The One That Got Away (2009)
Perfect Storm (2008)
Ariel (2009)
Phoenix Landing (2009)
Take Me (2007)
Just To Have You (2007)
808 Bardot (2010)
Bottom of the Bottle (2009)
Interference Pattern (2010)
Interlude (2010)
Baby, Lover, Darling (feat. Sol:ID) (2009)
Chaka (2008)
Can’t Get Enough (2006)
Lies (2007)
January Dub (2005)
109 Miles to Chicago (2008)
Like A Woman (2006)
Beyond the Clouds (2005)
Midnight Kiss (2009)
One More Night (2007)
Wave Goodbye (2007)
Your Love (2007)
3 Can Win (for J Dilla) (2008)

Why release it now? Why give it away?

First and foremost, I was sick of all of this ‘unfinished’ music hanging over my head. So I woke up one day and decided that it was finished. All of it. No more editing. No more second guessing. No more endless tweaking to try to get that one label to pay attention (or to appease my own perfectionism). Also, I’m absolutely positive there is music on here that nobody except me has ever heard one second of. So here it is, with all of its blemishes. With its poor EQ choices, and weak-ish snare drums. Its dancefloor tracks that will clear out dancefloors and sound better in headphones. Its weak beats and occasionally boring drops. It’s all yours! I’m tired of thinking about it, and how (and if) I could have made it better. But actually, now that I’ve compiled all of it and taken a step back, I think there’s some pretty good stuff here. Some of it is extremely polished, some of it is very raw and bare-bones. But it all kind of makes sense together. Listening through the really raw, unfinished bits to master them reminded me of how I first found this weird little raw and unfinished sounding genre, and how it changed my perception of music forever. So please don’t tell me about the distortion on the left channel of blah blah blah and how it would sound better in “Dubly.” I’m not fucking listening to you.

Secondly, I’m retiring the Sable Gray name, so this double LP is a sort of final statement. Over the past year, I’ve already drifted outside of the drum & bass scene to pursue other musical and personal directions, and I think it’s (mostly) permanent. Sable Gray had a pretty good run for a while there. I got to play in some great venues, on some great systems, with some great friends. The tunes on Obsolete (well, the ones I actually sent to people) had support from some great DJs all over the world, which was amazing. My music started popping up in interesting places, like on BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM in the UK. so thank you to each and every DJ and listener that supported my music. It’s been amazing being a small part of this worldwide, grassroots culture that is drum & bass. And a special thank you to Matt & Terravita, Lenore & Bill and the whole Elements crew, the Statesmen, Place 42 at Telluric, TGM and Basswerk, Ross T & Sydney at Trainspotters, Dave Prism, C-Dubz & my Bassic friends, Seismic, DJ DB & Secret Night of Science, Random Movement, The Ghost, Stunna, Overfiend and the whole Bassdrive crew. And all of you.

Till next time …

Nick S.G."

For More on SABLE GRAY's future endeavors, visit: WWW.SABLEGRAY.COM

Monday, May 9, 2011


WEDNESDAY, MAY 11: Special edition this session as I shine some light on a brand-new Drum+Bass label that's recently been established: SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS. Launched earlier this year by two like-minded producers from opposite sides of the pond (SCOTT ALLEN from the U.S.A. and U.K.'s BRYN 'DEEPER CONNECTION' GREEN), SDR has already been turning heads with its solid catalogue of released and forthcoming music. A rich and varied discography of label signings leaning toward deeper, and more musically-refined ends of the spectrum has brought the label immediate success and adulation from fans worldwide. While its global roster includes the label owners themselves alongside producers BLADE, BROTHER, DUOSCIENCE, FLOWRIAN, PHAT PLAYAZ, SEVIN and plenty more, SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS continues to search and discover new talent to add to its growing legacy.

Don't miss this exclusive feature as I go deep into a mix of the SDR label's past and current releases as well as give a taste of what's just around the corner in 2011 and beyond. Tune in!!

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