Wednesday, October 25, 2023

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from DAN GUIDANCE - November 1, 2023

On WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1st, STUNNA kicks off another fast-paced month of broadcasts in 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio with a return visit and guest mix from talented musician DAN GUIDANCE.

Mainly associated with the atmospheric LIQUID side of DRUM + BASS, UK-based artist DAN GUIDANCE (aka DAN GUY) takes his musical influences from all over the spectrum, and it definitely shows in his productions. Seamlessly blending the sounds of JAZZ, DUB, SKA, TECHNO, HOUSE and WORLD music, DAN's DRUM + BASS tracks are an amalgamation of a life spent appreciating and studying various forms of music across the globe.

Hailing from a small town in WALES, but dreaming on a grand scale, DAN found his calling in the boundless universe of DRUM + BASS music. What began as a teenage fascination quickly transformed into an all-encompassing journey, as he delved into the intricacies of production and the art of DJing. As his skills developed, DAN's unique approach to merging ambient, ethereal elements with the high-energy drive of DRUM + BASS began to set him apart. His sound can be best described as an emotive symphony woven into the fabric of electronic beats. DAN's tracks possess an ethereal quality that transports listeners to otherworldly landscapes, evoking a range of emotions that can only be elicited through music. From the delicate rustle of leaves to the rumble of interstellar travel, his compositions resonate with a deep sense of connection to both the terrestrial and the cosmic.

DAN had his first release in the summer of 2011, with the ‘INTROSPECTION’ EP. Following this, he released an impressive catalog of D+B classics with top labels in the scene. such as TECHNIQUE, FOKUZ, and FLIGHT PATTERN RECORDINGS. With heavy support of his productions from BBC RADIO, BASSDRIVE RADIO, and top selectors such as LONDON ELEKTRICITY and BENNY V, DAN’s music has consistently found itself on some of the top D+B SPOTIFY playlists like HOSPITAL RECORDS' "DRUM + BASS FRESH SELECTIONS" and the 1 MORE THING "THE FRESHEST DRUM + BASS," and YOUTUBE channels like SKANKANDBASS, LIQUIDDNBFTW, and LEDGE SOUNDS. Over the years, DAN has teamed up on production duties with artists such as MATT VIEW, MARVEL CINEMA, FISHY, mSdoS, ALPHA RHYTHM, ALEYUM, and ALEX BARTON. He's also had his tracks remixed by the likes of ZERO T, RANDOM MOVEMENT, and SEATHASKY.

This past OCTOBER 2023 saw the launch of DAN's brand new PORTAL RECORDINGS label, an imprint established to release his blend of deep, melodic and atmospheric LIQUID/DRUM + BASS music. With the debut 'ENTRANCE' EP from DAN himself, the imprint will mainly feature his solo music, but there will be some exciting collaborations and remixes in the foreseeable future.

Please join us this session of 'THE GREENROOM' as DAN GUIDANCE returns to the program, armed with a brand new guest mix featuring all of his own productions and collaborations. Tune in!

*For more information on DAN GUIDANCE, visit:

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Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago