Wednesday, August 23, 2023

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from WT DREAD - August 30, 2023

On WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30th, STUNNA closes out another action-packed month of broadcasts in 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. During this week's edition, STUNNA welcomes DJ/producer WT DREAD to the show, as he makes his debut appearance on the program armed with a very special all-original mix.

Hailing originally from the WEST MIDLANDS in the UNITED KINGDOM (and now currently based in MINNESOTA), WT DREAD has been performing his unique, high-energy DRUM + BASS, UKG and BASSLINE DJ sets worldwide for the last three decades. Starting in the illegal UK outdoor rave scene in the 1990s and then progressing to clubs and venues in the heart of the second city in the early 2000s, WT DREAD’s fun-loving, hard-hitting style has continued to develop and progress through the years. After moving into D+B and BASS MUSIC production in the early 2000s, WT DREAD honed his craft, carefully blending styles and elements to create his own take on high-energy, bass-heavy music.

In 2018, WT DREAD took a break from D+B to concentrate on UKG and BASSLINE music, after feeling the need for new inspiration and musical challenges. After writing over 60 UKG tracks, DJing at many shows, and more statewide travel, WT DREAD found his love for DRUM + BASS again and returned to production with a point to prove, hungry for success and a message to share to his supporters. Fast forward to 2023, and WT DREAD now runs DRUNKEN LOON RECORDS, a label with a number of releases that have gained traction in the US and UK D+B scenes.

Join us this installment of 'THE GREENROOM' as WT DREAD showcases his work in the studio with an exclusive mix featuring all of his own creations. Tune in!

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Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago