Tuesday, March 20, 2018

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from IMPISH - March 28, 2018

On WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2018, STUNNA closes out the month with an exclusive guest mix during 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this week's episode, we welcome the return of 'GREENROOM' favorite IMPISH to the friendly confines for a special guest set.

Hot on the heels of his third solo album, 'HUSH', for his own OCCULTI MUSIC imprint (vinyl and CD available now, with digital download forthcoming), MOSCOW, RUSSIA-based producer, DJ, and promoter IMPISH has been a busy man the past few months. With recent productions penned and released for lauded labels such as RAM, HOSPITAL, C.I.A., and FOKUZ, IMPISH has also found time to promote the highly-popular monthly "BURNING SERIES" in MOSCOW. Currently on hiatus while searching for a new home and soundsystem fit for the series' high-grade audio experience, IMPISH continues to push the OCCULTI MUSIC brand forward. Continuing to concentrate on selecting the finest, cutting-edge, dancefloor DRUM+BASS music in both vinyl and digital formats, many forthcoming projects with revered producers have been confirmed for release on OCCULTI, including the imminent third release on the OCT:LTD sub label which features a digital-only release from SKYWEEP featuring IMPISH.

Lock in this session as IMPISH unveils an exclusive guest mix featuring a slew of OCCULTI MUSIC releases and forthcoming tracks, as well as some of his favorite tracks doing damage in clubs around the globe. Tune in!

**For more information on IMPISH, visit:

• IMPISH Main Website
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Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago