Thursday, October 1, 2015

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from CENTASPIKE and INDIDJINOUS: October 7, 2015

Kicking off an exciting new month of programs, on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2015, STUNNA presents another exclusive installment of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this week's episode, we're treated to a guest mix from two producers who recently teamed up to create the forthcoming "PRIMORDIAL RESISTANCE" album on TECH ITCH Recordings: CENTASPIKE and INDIDJINOUS.

This unlikely duo formed across the Pacific ocean to create a unique strain of tribal, alien, tech funk. CENTASPIKE hails from CANBERRA (the capital of AUSTRALIA) and INDIDJINOUS (who graced 'THE GREENROOM' show a few years back) hails from the SAN FRANCISCO bay area of Northern CALIFORNIA. Each has over 10 years of production experience with many releases on a variety of international labels such as SUBTLE AUDIO, OBSCENE, PINECONE MOONSHINE, BARCODE, and DUBKRAFT. Ironically, INDIDJINOUS is the one who plays the AUSTRALIAN aboriginal wind instrument known as the didjeridu, which is used in their productions as well as during live performances.

Originally meeting through SOUNDCLOUD, the two began their partnership with two mutual remixes in early 2012. Pleased with the results, another remix EP soon followed, all of which were quickly signed. This success inspired two new full collaborations, 'SPLICED' and 'OMINOUS MYSTERY,' and spawned a vile new breed of future/primitive sci-fi TECHSTEP DRUM+BASS. Both collabs were immediately signed by JUNGLE/DRUMFUNK label SUBTLE AUDIO Recordings and featured on the compilation CD SUBTLE AUDIO Volume III.

The chemistry and originality of those collabs sparked the creation of a 10 track album entitled "PRIMORDIAL RESISTANCE" which is set to release on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th on the revered TECH ITCH Recordings imprint. CENTASPIKE is currently making his inaugural visit to the UNITED STATES and he and INDIDJINOUS recently celebrated their album's impending release by performing at the venerable DYSTOPIA event in OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. The pair showcased the album's tunes and many new creations by spinning alongside each other and the crowd was also treated to live didjeridu by INDIDJINOUS. As an added bonus to herald the release of their "PRIMORDIAL RESISTANCE" album, the two will be heading off to ENGLAND together for another release show.

Join us this session as CENTASPIKE and INDIDJINOUS unveil a very special guest mix created exclusively for 'THE GREENROOM' in support of their album. Tune in!!

*For more information on CENTASPIKE, visit:

• CENTASPIKE on Soundcloud
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• CENTASPIKE on Bandcamp

*For more information on INDIDJINOUS, visit:

• INDIDJINOUS on Soundcloud
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**The "PRIMORDIAL RESISTANCE" album will be released Friday, October 9th on TECH ITCH Recordings.

Check it out: • HERE •

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