Wednesday, April 8, 2015

'THE GREENROOM' Spotlight mix on mSdoS: April 22, 2015

On WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015, STUNNA presents 'THE GREENROOM' and unveils the 24th installment in the artist 'SPOTLIGHT' mix series on BASSDRIVE radio. With past long-form programs featuring the work from artists ASC, BACHELORS OF SCIENCE, DAVE OWEN, DIRRRTY B/BLUE MOTION, DUOSCIENCE, FURNEY, ICR, KJELL, LENZMAN, METHOD ONE, NAIBU (two volumes), NUSENSE, SABURUKO, SOL ID, SPECIFIC, STYLE CONTROL, SUBMORPHICS (two volumes), THE FIX/COUNTERWEIGHT, THEORY, TIDAL, and WILL MILES, the 24th edition features one of DRUM+BASS's most prolific producers of the Jazzy, Funky, and Soulful side of the music: mSdoS.

Taking his moniker from the early 1980's operating system for personal computers, mSdoS (aka CHRIS KOUZELLIS) hails from GREECE and has amassed a body of production work unmatched by many of his peers. With releases and upcoming tracks on a wide variety of labels, including GOOD LOOKING, TELLURIC, LIQUID V, PHUZION, SOUL DEEP, LIQUID DRUMZ, BASSWERK, SOUL BROS, FOKUZ, CELSIUS, DEEPER VISION, HAVE-A-BREAK, CRITERION, INFLUENZA, TOTAAL REZ, LIQUID BRILLIANTS, LUV DISASTER, BLACK REFLECTIONS, INTELLIGENT, SHEER VELOCITY, ECHOWIDE, and many more, mSdoS has also found time to manage his very own label, LIQUID DROPS RECORDINGS. Originally launched as an outlet for his own creations, he's since enlisted the talents of artists such as DUOSCIENCE, MARVEL CINEMA, SUBWAY FUNK, CRITYCAL DUB, PEYO, VELOCITY, LM1, STUNNA, TYLER STRAUB, CLART, SUBSID, SOULTEC, and many others to help build the LIQUID DROPS catalogue with original tracks and remixes.

With global praise of his work from scene luminaries LTJ BUKEM, FABIO, NOOKIE, BRYAN GEE, JUMPING JACK FROST, and a host of other selectors, international radio support, and his first-ever U.S. appearance on FRIDAY, APRIL 24th in NEW YORK CITY at DROM (a party hosted by the DEEPER VISION RECORDINGS crew), 2015 is shaping up to be yet another very successful and exciting year for mSdoS.

Join us as STUNNA takes a 3-HOUR journey looking at the vast catalogue of mSdoS's creations: past, present, and future. Tune in!!!

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Hosted by STUNNA
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