Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from DUDAWLES: December 18, 2013

As we move deeper into the month of DECEMBER, on WEDNESDAY the 18th, we turn our attention to yet another up-and-coming DJ/producer who unveils a very special guest mix exclusively for 'THE GREENROOM.' I present to you: DUDAWLES.

Some of you might remember the name DUDAWLES (aka ANDREI LUPSA) as a featured producer from the GREENROOM Feature Mix on ROMANIA and its Producers which aired back in OCTOBER. He's been a fixture in the ROMANIAN DRUM+BASS DJ circuit for the past few years and has recently entered the production arena as well. With upcoming releases on revered labels such as AVANTGARDE and INNERACTIVE, DUDAWLES is set to be a name heard a lot more about in 2014 and beyond. Here are a few more words about DUDAWLES from the man himself.......

"I was born in 1985 in TARGU MURES, a small city in ROMANIA, around 150,000 people live in it. I was very into music and developed my artistic side since the age of 6. I went to dance school, won a couple of dance competitions, was addicted to music, always loved to listen to so many different genres. I think signals that I would probably do something more serious in this direction started very early. Until I was 18, I used to listen to a lot of electronic music but never got the chance to hear a DRUM+BASS tune, accesibility was a problem in ROMANIA back then.

In my college years, after moving to CLUJ-NAPOCA, while attending a few raves I started listening to a lot of BREAKBEAT, and in ROMANIA back in 2004 everyone would associate BREAKBEAT with DRUM+BASS, every rave had DNB DJ and a breakbeat DJ, so my friend DAN who is also a DNB DJ took me to my first DNB rave, I think it was 2004 and the most memorable night for me was in TIMISOARA where I got the chance to see MARCUS INTALEX play a fantastic set. I can still remember I had goose bumps when the guy played his tune "3AM" at exactly 3AM. It sounded perfect. I was hooked, especially when I first heard SHY FX "DIARY OF A DIGITAL SOUNDBOY," released back in 2005. I think i've listened to that LP over 100 times.

Since then I became a huge DNB fan but only got involved with DJing and producing in 2009. I first bought a couple of PIONEER CDJ 100s and a BEHRINGER mixer for home use and started playing around with them and very soon after got my first gig in a local pub in CLUJ-NAPOCA. Things moved very fast from then on. I loved DJing. I used to practice for hours at home (had no other job at that time) and started playing clubs around CLUJ. Soon came the producing part, which took a lot of my time but got me signing a few tunes on some respected labels in the game. With this, came more bookings at festivals and clubs around ROMANIA, even a few gigs in GERMANY. I got the chance to warm-up for big names likes S.P.Y, NETSKY, ALIX PEREZ, LENZMAN, BTK, CYANTIFIC, FRED V, GRAFIX, LOGISTICS, ED RUSH, etc."

Lock in this session as we're treated to a guest mix from this exciting DJ/producer as he highlights many of his favorite current tracks doing the rounds as well as original music straight out of DUDAWLES's studio. Tune in!!

**For more information on DUDAWLES, visit:

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