Thursday, November 7, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from FRESHMOON (MoonDoctor + FreshTillDef): November 13, 2013

Through the years, the evolution and merging of OLD SCHOOL JUNGLE and DRUM+BASS music has traversed many paths and cross-bred with countless other forms of BASS MUSIC to create a myriad of niche scenes which all can be found under a colorful umbrella covering tempos between 160 and 180 Beats Per Minute. One of the more exciting sub-genres to rear its head within the DRUM+BASS world recently has been borne out of styles and sounds found within the FOOTWORK and JUKE/GHETTO HOUSE scenes based out of CHICAGO. Two of the leading lights producing this music with a fresh new take on D+B/JUNGLE/808-heavy-beats are MoonDoctoR and FreshTillDef (and when united, form "FreshMoon").

Born and raised in CHICAGO (currently residing in sunny SAN ANTONIO), MoonDoctoR (aka TONY MUDACA JR.), has been exposed to all forms of music from an early age and has evolved to become a true student of dance music and its culture. Whether it be producing a prolific and versatile output within the studio domain, behind the decks, or teamed up with his wife FreshTillDef (LACEY MUNDACA) managing the FreshMoon Records imprint (which is set to unveil a slew of new releases, including the follow-up to the first volume of "808K" - various artist compilation), new musical boundaries are being pushed on a daily basis, especially with their alignment with the globally-acclaimed TEKLIFE Crew (whose members include luminaries such as DJ RASHAD, DJ SPINN, and DJ EARL.

Tune in this session as we're treated to an exclusive guest mix of cutting-edge sounds from MoonDoctoR and FreshTillDef as they showcase new music from around the world including forthcoming sounds from the FreshMoon Records camp. Enjoy!

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Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago