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'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from DJ TRAX - December 11, 2019

On WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2019, STUNNA presents a very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. During this week's session, we're treated to an exclusive guest mix from one of DRUM+BASS music's legendary stalwarts. Versatile and revered producer DJ TRAX makes his 'GREENROOM' debut with a guest set created especially for this broadcast.

UK-based artist DJ TRAX (aka DAVE DAVIES) began his musical journey at a young age. He started drumming at 7, DJing at 12, and at 15, he formed the HIP HOP group MIXRACE alongside two MCs (DEV PARADOX and LEKE AEROSOUL). TRAX released his first track a year later, in 1991, on BRAIN RECORDS alongside DJ RAW. In the same year, TRAX and DEV PARADOX signed to the MOVING SHADOW imprint. Over the next three years, he released solo 12"s on MOVING SHADOW under 'DJ TRAX' and joint releases with DEV under the 'MIXRACE' moniker.

In 1994, TRAX + PARADOX set up 5 record companies with SCOTT W and GARY S: MIXRACE PRODUCTIONS, MOBHANDED, NAUTILUS, OFFSET, and STRONGHOLD. They released a few dozen 12"s on the labels, both solo, and as a duo (as 'BROWN + DANGERMAN'). DAVE and DEV also collaborated with HYPER ON EXPERIENCE on the STRONGHOLD RECORDS and TIMELESS RECORDINGS imprints. From 1997 to 2003, DJ TRAX mainly focused on DOWNTEMPO/LEFTFIELD music. He released an album and two 12"s on LACERBA RECORDS an also had offerings for the GOOD LOOKING, KRIZTAL, MOLE, BEATS + PIECES, and HED KANDI imprints. From 2003 to 2009 TRAX released two further albums, "1,000 PICTURES," and "THOUGHTS IN WIDESCREEN" (which was featured on the front cover of KNOWLEDGE MAGAZINE.

Over the years, DJ TRAX has collaborated with many other esteemed artists by the likes of NAIBU, RICKY FORCE, NUCLEUS, DSP, MACC, INFEST, CRYOGENICS, ENJOY, KJ SAWKA, and BECKI BIGGINS. He has had successful releases on labels such as OUTSIDER MUSIC, PARADOX MUSIC, OCYRIS, AKO BEATZ, OMNI MUSIC, SKELETON RECORDINS, TEMPO RECORDS, TRANSMUTE, NEXT PHASE, SUBVERT CENTRAL, SUBTLE AUDIO, CRISIS, MISSPENT MUSIC, AUDIO BUFFET, SCIENTIFIC RECORDS, OFFSHORE, REPERTOIRE, SYNCOPATHIC, and his own imprint: AUDIO BUFFET. He released a series of EPs with U.S.-based HIP HOP group ASSORTED ANONYMOUS, ultimately followed by a vinyl album. Alongside these many releases, TRAX has also written for many TV/multimedia projects and scored music included in the 2008 feature film 'SHIFTY.'

Currently, you can hear DJ TRAX alongside the legendary DJ NUCELUS on the popular 'CATCH A GROOVE' program aired regularly on the JUNGLETRAIN station.

Join us this edition as DJ TRAX graces the 'GREENROOM' with a guest mix featuring some of his favorite tracks doing the global rounds. Tune in!

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