Wednesday, September 27, 2023

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from nCAMARGO - October 4, 2023

On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4th, STUNNA kicks off another busy month of broadcasts in 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this week's installment, STUNNA welcomes back seasoned producer and DJ nCAMARGO to the program for an exclusvie guest mix.

Since his birth in 1994, BRAZILIAN-based artist nCAMARGO (aka NICOLAS CAMARGO) has surrounded himself with a vast array of musical influences. Discovering a focused interest in electronic music in 2000, a few years of development and exposure would lead him toward a genre that fascinated him: DRUM+BASS music. Being an avid listener of BASSDRIVE Radio around the year 2009 would eventually lead to his entrance to the D+B production ring in 2010.

Tastefully creating a discography of finely-tuned, polished productions, nCAMARGO has developed his own unique sound and turned a lot of discerning heads his way over the years. With successful offerings for high-profile labels such as AGN7 AUDIO, CELSIUS, CHRONIC, FOKUZ, LIQUID DROPS, LUNAR RECORDS, OFFWORLD, PRESTIGE MUSIC, SOUL DEEP, V RECORDINGS, and WEAPONS OF CHOICE, nCAMARGO moves strength to strength in 2023 with a number of quality releases on his own NCOUNTER MUSIC imprint. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6th (nCAMARGO's birthday) sees the release of two previously unreleased tracks, 'SHOW ME' and 'UNDERSTOOD,' via his NCOUNTER MUSIC BANDCAMP page.

Join us this edition of 'THE GREENROOM' as nCAMARGO returns to the program with a brand new guest mix featuring many of his own productions alongside some of his favorite tracks doing the global rounds. Tune in!

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Hosted by STUNNA
2-5PM Chicago/8-11PM London