Wednesday, March 4, 2020

'THE GREENROOM' Label Feature on TRIBE OF DUB (and other like-minded, dubwise artists) - March 11, 2020

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11th sees STUNNA unveil another very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. In this week's session, STUNNA centers his attention on burgeoning new DRUM+BASS/JUNGLE label TRIBE OF DUB and dives headfirst into their action-packed catalogue of music. Devoting the entire 3 Hour program to the exciting new imprint, STUNNA will also feature other like-minded, DUBWISE artists and tracks throughout the mix to emphasize TRIBE OF DUB's newly earned place in the upper echelon of quality D+B labels in the current global arena.

Crossing borders between DUBWISE, LIQUID FUNK and JUNGLE music, GERMAN-based producer and label founder DUB DEFENSE (aka MANUEL BOE) launched the TRIBE OF DUB imprint in 2019 to showcase established and upcoming talent from all around the globe. With their inaugural relase in MAY last year with the 'STRANDED IN THE UNKNOWN' EP, the label has shown its diversity and followed up with stellar EP releases 'CALM BEFORE THE STORM', 'TROPICAL THUNDER', and the soon-to-be-released 'ESCAPING INTO THE JUNGLE' fiver-tracker. Featuring a strong cast of brand new and seasoned producers, including the likes of A.K.A, ARTTU, CHAMPION SOUND, CONRAD SUBS, CONSPIRE, CRINNION, DISTANT ROOTS + POLAR LIGHTS, DUBURBAN, DUOSCIENCE, FOKUS, FURNEY, FX909, GREEKBOY, IMANZI, LION UK, MOTIV, PLTX, SPEAKER LOUIS, STUNNA, and VEAK, the year 2020 sees the TRIBE OF DUB stable expanding further with more talent coming soon to the roster.

A few words of wisdom regarding the label project direct from TRIBE OF DUB.....

"Deep in the rainforest on a planet similar to earth, explorers discovered a tribe hidden from civilisation throughout millennia. Living at one with the nature surrounding them, the tribesmen have managed to overcome the challenges of their hostile environment for generations. They form symbiosis with animals and plants referring to the knowledge and wisdom of their ancestors. Their vast territory offers various sights, from rushing rivers to dense jungle areas and deep underground cave systems. The fertile, yet mystic environment the natives live in has a huge influence on their social and cultural behaviour. The small group of people get together reguarly in an attempt to contact the spirits of their forefathers, ask for guidance, seek wisdom and free their minds from negativity. In a surprising and fascinating ceremony they congregate, some members bringing strange looking objects, and sit around the fire. All of a sudden the dark forest is filled with a beautiful, yet powerful sound! Aforementioned objects turn out to be instruments the tribesmen had built themselves from vines, wood, stones and all kinds of natural materials. The steady, repetitive beat created using their self-made drums has an almost hypnotizing effect. As other sounds emerge, similar to what we would describe as guitar or possibly piano and even bass, other members of the tribe begin to dance and shout. The musical ritual continues until sunrise. Tired from dancing and singing all night, the members of the Tribe of Dub go to rest. The smiles on their faces show that the ceremony defintely was a wicked one. Now, for the first time in history, the sounds of the so called Tribe Of Dub have been recorded, mastered and made accessible to the general public. The purpose of this project is to spread the vibrations around the globe, not for the sake of profit, but to improve the peoples meditations and celebrations!"

Join us this session of 'THE GREENRROM' as STUNNA blends a healthy dose of music from the TRIBE OF DUB catalogue, as well as other classic and fresh DUBWISE sounds from past and present. Tune in!

*For more information on TRIBE OF DUB, visit:

• TRIBE OF DUB on Facebook
• TRIBE OF DUB on Bandcamp
• TRIBE OF DUB on Soundcloud

**Due to DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME in NORTH AMERICA, this broadcast (and the remaining 'GREENROOM' shows this MARCH) will begin ONE HOUR LATER for NORTH AMERICAN listeners, yet will remain the same for the rest of the world. For example, the program will air between 3-6pm CHICAGO time, instead of the regular 2-5pm slot.

Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago

Sunday, March 1, 2020

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from SOUL CONNECTION - March 4, 2020

On WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4th, STUNNA dives into a brand new month of programming in 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. This week's installment sees STUNNA unveil a very special edition that features the impeccable sounds of producer and DJ SOUL CONNECTION. Kicking off the first two hours of the program, STUNNA will run through a wide selection covering many of SOUL CONNECTION's finest production moments, and the third hour sees the man himself behind the decks for an exclusive guest mix.

Over the past few years, SERBIAN-based DRUM+BASS artist SOUL CONNECTION (aka DRAGAN MILOSEVIC) has received support of his engaging music from some of the scene's best loved DJ's and fellow producers. His much sought after sound has seen releases on various high profile labels around the globe. From his recent 'MUSIC MAKES ME' album on SMOOTH N GROOVE, to EPs and long players for the likes of KRITERION, SHEER VELOCITY, AMPHIBIOUS AUDIO, SOUL DEEP, INFLUENZA, DIRECTORS CUT, and SOUNDTRAX, his ever-growing catalogue of stunning productions and increasing following cements SOUL CONNECTION as one of the most exciting producers within today's fast-paced scene.

Join us this broadcast of 'THE GREENROOM' for a 3 HOUR special that will shed a bit more light on one of DRUM+BASS music's finest artists creating deep and cerebral, yet infectiously jazzy and danceable grooves heard around the world. Tune in!

*For more information on SOUL CONNECTION, visit:

• SOUL CONNECTION on Soundcloud

Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago