Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from CALCULON (Shoot Recs/Rubik Recs): October 2, 2013

On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2013, STUNNA moves 'THE GREENROOM' into the Autumnal months with an exclusive guest mix from one of STATESIDE's leading lights in the DRUM+BASS, JUKE, FOOTWORK, and BASS worlds: CALCULON.

Hailing from sunny SAN DIEGO in Southern CALIFORNIA, CALCULON (aka NIKOLAI BORDOKOFF) has been steadily building an action-packed career in music featuring not only his studio productions and worldwide DJ sets, but also includes his work as manager for the legendary RUBIK RECORDS label and the recently-launched SHOOT RECORDINGS imprint.

SHOOT RECORDINGS is a showcase for the new BASS MUSIC sound being born out of JUKE, JUNGLE, and HARDCORE. Free from expectations and committed to innovation, SHOOT RECORDINGS is a place for producers to push the limits of BASS MUSIC, upend the methods and patterns of established sounds and create something new. And then Shoot it in the ass and do it all again.

The first release from SHOOT RECORDINGS (vinyl out now/digital lands MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th) is an absolute scorcher, and showcases the new label’s dedication to forward-thinking sounds and dance floor annihilation. First up is "THE ORIGINAL": a weighty stepper from CHRISSY MURDERBOT (LOOSE SQUARES) that’s part CHICAGO JUKE, part BRISTOL JUNGLE and all heavy-duty funk. Sporting a half-step intro that drops out into the biggest swooping bassline this side of the classic “26 BASS,” "THE ORIGINAL" has an Old School feel but definitely earns its name. Answering the challenge, PAWN (SMOG) delivers "YOUR WORDS": another beyond-genre bass monster that takes it deep without ever losing its dance floor sheen. Described by label boss CALCULON as 'dirty BASS MUSIC at its finest,' "YOUR WORDS" is a sick amalgamation of MIAMI BASS, DUBSTEP, JUKE, HIP HOP and malt liquor that could murder the subwoofer in your IMPALA or twerk your girlfriend off a riser in IBIZA, your choice.

Tune in this week as CALCULON graces the BASSDRIVE airwaves with an exclusive guest mix featuring his own productions as well as cutting-edge sounds from around the world.

**For more info on CALCULON, visit:

• RUBIK RECORDS Main Website

Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago

Monday, September 23, 2013

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from CAINE (IM:Ltd - France): September 25, 2013

On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2013, STUNNA is proud to feature an exclusive guest mix from graphic designer, label owner, producer, and DJ CAINE (aka BASTIEN CHAUVET) on 'THE GREENROOM.'

The PARIS, FRANCE-based talent CAINE has spent the better part of his life involved in not only music, but the street culture scene surrounding it. With years' experience behind the decks, CAINE has also found time to helm the revered, cutting-edge, multi-genre electronic music imprint known as IM:Ltd. With the label's talent roster featuring the likes of SURVIVAL, PENNYGILES, PHIL TANGENT, ROY GREEN + PROTONE, ARPXP, MAURS, PAUL SG, GERWIN, FUTURE SIGNAL, ATMOSPHERIX, BUNGLE, ZERO T, and MORTEM (to name but a few), CAINE's 'golden ears' have helped nurture new talent, spotlight established names, and keep tabs on the ever-changing landscape of future music.

Tune in this week to hear what music is currently at the top of CAINE's crates........

**For more info on CAINE, visit:

• IM:Ltd Records on FACEBOOK
• IM:Ltd Records on SOUNDCLOUD

***Also, on SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 12, 2013, catch CAINE alongside SURVIVAL, PENNYGILES, POHY, and SNOWBALL for an exclusive IM:Ltd Records label night in PARIS.......

Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago