Wednesday, April 24, 2024

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from NonRev - May 1, 2024

On WEDNESDAY, MAY 1st, STUNNA dives into SEASON 19 of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this week's session, STUNNA welcomes versatile DRUM+BASS DJ and producer NonRev to the program, as he makes his debut appearance, armed with an exclusive guest mix.

Obsessed with and mesmerised by music from a young age, UK-based artist NonRev (aka ADAM ZUCKERBERG) spent his teenage years playing guitar and singing in rock bands before discovering the joys of creating electronic music, alone, in a singular headspace. Producing and DJing DRUM+BASS from the mid to late 2000s, and working in all kinds of sub genres, led to a decade of playing dark and heavy beats around the UK and all across EUROPE.

The COVID-19 lockdowns provided a necessity and opportunity to step away from the scene and drift into a more introverted and ambient avenue of production. The loss of a parent in 2021 and the huge emotional impact that had inspired the creation of NonRev (which started largely as a distraction and coping mechanism) soon became a mentality and focus. Bringing a modern twist to '90s ATMOSPHERIC JUNGLE with endless nods to the pioneers, whilst also pushing something new and original, means the music can inspire nostalgia as well as build excitement for the unknown. Officially launched in late 2022, NonRev has already had multiple releases on several acclaimed labels on vinyl and digital with plenty more planned in 2024 and beyond.

Please join us this edition of 'THE GREENROOM' as NonRev makes his inaugural visit to the program with a new mix featuring his own creations alongside some of his favorite tracks doing the rounds worldwide. Tune in!

*For more info on NonRev, visit:

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Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago