Friday, March 5, 2010

'LAB SESSIONS' Spotlight Feature on STUNNA - March 7 on Bassdrive

So after a few years creating 'Spotlight Mixes' on various Drum+Bass artists that I respect during select 'GREENROOM' shows, the tables have now turned and good friends FUSION from the URBAN CHEMISTRY RECORDINGS label and hosts of the 'LAB SESSIONS' show on BASSDRIVE are going to be airing a spotlight mix on my work through the years. It's airing this coming Sunday, March 7 from 6-8pm CST/Midnight-2am GMT (early Monday).

A quick peview...

"We are pleased to announce that this Sunday, March 7th 2010 Lab Sessions will be hosting a special spotlight mix to honor one of the most talented and respected Drum and Bass producers from the states today. STUNNA (aka J. Cappo) has skillfully crafted his own unique style and sound within the intensely fast-paced world of Drum+Bass music. With a number of strong releases on various high-profile labels worldwide, and a solid Stateside and international touring schedule under his belt, this host of BASSDRIVE Radio's popular 'GREENROOM' show is determined to spread his own sound as well as exclusive tracks from producers around the globe. Please join us this Sunday as we pay a tribute to a good friend and brilliant artist... STUNNA."

STUNNA Label Affiliations:

31 | Bassdrive Radio | Basswerk | BIOS | BS1 | Defunked | Fokuz | Fokuz Ltd | Forestry Service | Funk Star | Future-Retro | Golden Orb | Have-A-Break | Influenza | Levitated | Lucky Devil | New Identity | Outsider | Peer Pressure | Phunkfiction | Phuzion | Point 9 Audio | Red Mist | Respect Records | Santorin | Sidechain | Telluric | Urban Chemistry | Vampire | Vibez | Westbay

Link to invite page...

Also, get ready for a brand-new compilation from the URBAN CHEMISTRY RECORDINGS crew hitting the market this April entitled 'STANDARD GRAVITY' which will feature music from myself, BIONIC1, ATMOSPHERIX, QUMULUS, ATP, CALCULON, CYBASS, MIKROB, HEAVY1, QUANTREK, PK, FONIQZ, PROZOO, MOLECULAR STRUCTURES, FUSION, SQUASH, SENSUS, NUSENSE, BROKEN DRUM, ALEX M and DIZZY MUZZY. It will feature an un-mixed CD alongside a mixed CD of the cuts and exclusives.