Thursday, March 4, 2010

Exclusive Interview for PATTERNAWARENESS.ORG and FREE Tune

Recently did a quick interview with Florida-based (and fellow Bassdrive DJ) METHODUS for the PATTERNAWARENESS blog and also gave away a FREE track.

Quick preview...

STUNNA is a Drum+Bass producer, DJ and live performer from Chicago whose jazz-influenced style is spreading rapidly. He’s also well-known for his 'GREENROOM' internet radio show via BASSDRIVE, the internet’s go-to spot for Drum+Bass, 24/7.

Besides sharing some insight into his views on the current state of DnB, his influences and where you can catch him during the 2010 Winter Music Conference, STUNNA's sharing his tune “Strange Behavior," which you can download here.

Special thanks to METHODUS and SOMEJERK for hooking the interview up.

Check out the interview and grab the FREE track: ** HERE **