Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Door Opens.......

Welcome all!

Glad you could join me here in THE GREENROOM for what potentially will be a winding road of a journey thru an assortment of music, media, arts and funky bits from around the globe. Just a bit of background for those who don't know me: after growing up in suburban Chicago, I've been involved in the music scene for the better part of my life. Starting from the beginning: I had a few years' keyboard and theory training which progressed into playing in various live bands, toured around the U.S. a few times, and have also been lending my hands on a number of House music productions and remixes by the likes of ROY DAVIS JR., MARK PICCHIOTTI and RALPHI ROSARIO.

Fast forward a lil bit to now and I've been producing and releasing original Drum+Bass music under the name 'STUNNA' on a wide variety of established and new electronic dance music labels for the past few years. It was only a natural progression that I also picked up the DJ'ing aspect of the music, too, and have toured extensively around the States as well as over in Europe. Back in the early 2000's, I linked up with fellow Chicago DJs who themselves were involved with the still-young BASSDRIVE internet radio station. After many hours logged guesting on various shows, I was given an opportunity to host my own program which I named 'THE GREENROOM'. A bit of a nod to the term referring to the dressing room or 'waiting room' used by live acts at music venues, 'THE GREENROOM' was officially launched April 26, 2006 as a platform to showcase new artists, fresh music and also as an informal 'view' of the scene as it quickly progresses.

You can catch the show live every Wednesday from 2-5pm CST / 8-11pm GMT on

There is a chatroom on the main site (I suggest using an IRC client for optimal use) and I also have an Instant Messenger set up during shows as well under the name: greenroomdnb

For further links and info on my music + live shows, here are a few links to get you started...


So there you have it folks. I'll be updating this page with a bunch of different things on a regular basis. Thanks for stopping by!