Wednesday, September 1, 2021

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from DJ SHARK - September 8, 2021

On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, STUNNA presents another special installment of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. During this week's broadcast, STUNNA welcomes journeyman DRUM+BASS artist DJ SHARK to the show for an exclusive guest mix.

SHARK (ANDY Nb) grew up in a diverse suburb of HAMBURG, GERMANY, and upon watching the movie "BREAKDANCE SENSATION '84," he became enamored with breakdancing and its culture. Along with a couple of mates, he created a breakdance performance group called the B-BOYS. While no photo or video evidence of this group is known to exist, the seeds of the breakbeat were sewn in SHARK, and remains there today.

In the early '90s, SHARK was introduced to TECHNO music and this sparked an interest in DJing.  In 1996, he bought his first cheap turntables and mixer, and a year later, he was able to scrape together enough money to buy the tools he needed to mix all kinds of TECHNO music, from GABBA to HARD TRANCE, PSYCHEDELIC, to HOUSE. In 1998, a seminal event took place: while attending a rave organized by a group of friends, from a side room, SHARK overheard a different beat and rhythm, one with crazy melodies, strange noises, and a mighty buzz. Later that same year during a trip to SOUTH AMERICA, his sound palette expanded further when introduced to the LATIN rhythms in SALSA and MERENGUESHARK had found his sound and a passion that continues over 20 years later.  SHARK is a bonafide DRUM+BASS head.

The year 2000 saw the SHARK rise to the surface and start to bite. He had his first gig in HAMBURGalongside THE PANACEA at HOCH10. This monthly rave was the biggest local event for DRUM+BASS in the early years. In 2001, SHARK was invited to become a regular member of the crew, and by 2002, SHARK began a monthly two hour broadcast entitled "LET'S JAM!" on a local radio station. He spread the bass gospel all over the city and gained a vast following of listeners.

In the beginning of 2008, SHARK got in touch with BASSJUNKEES, a radio station dedicated to his favourite sound: DRUM+BASS. He grabbed a slot for a show and instantly felt the same passion as he did many years ago and started his weekly live program "AMITY ISLAND." Midway through 2010, SHARK joined the DJ crew at DNBRadio for a new weekly show called "CAGEDIVING" which ran for a few years. After a brief hiatus, SHARK returned and currently spins a live weekly show on the station affectionaly named "SHARKIFY PREMIUM." He also regularly grabs the decks for renegade sessions, spinning all subgenres of DRUM+BASS, yet his real passion remains in mixing intelligent LIQUID FUNK, infused with mellow, jazzy and upbeat vibes.

Since his initial foray into D+B, SHARK has been producing his own music, and this year he felt it was time to walk out of the shadows by establishing a private label called NDNB Audio. SHARK and NDNB Audio are looking forward to releasing new tracks soon, so be on the lookout for fresh new material in 2021 and beyond.

Join us this session of 'THE GREENROOM' as DJ SHARK makes his debut appearance on the program and unveils a guest mix featuring his own creations alongside some of his favorite tracks from around the globe. Tune in!

*For more info on DJ SHARK, visit:

• DJ SHARK on Soundcloud
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Hosted by STUNNA
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