Wednesday, May 26, 2021

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from InnaSelf - June 2, 2021

On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2nd, STUNNA launches head first into a brand new month of programs in 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this week's broadcast, we're treated to a return visit from one of DRUM+BASS music's finest producers, InnaSelf, as he presents a special guest mix crafted exclusively for this show.

WOLVERHAMPTON, UK'based producer and DJ InnaSelf (aka DUNCAN CORINALDI) discovered electronic music in the late '80s to early '90s as a teenager, listening to pirate radio. He began recording music and radio shows onto cassette tapes, which eventually lead to an obsession with buying vinyl. During the mid '90s, he was fortunate to own a small studio setup at home with gear based around an AKAI S950, ATARI ST and a MIDI keyboard. As the connection deepened within JUNGLE/DRUM+BASS music, DUNCAN progressively began to produce music of his own. In the year 2000, DUNCAN released his first recording on vinyl. The track was entitled "CORROSION" and was written under the THIRD ELEMENTS moniker (a collective consisting of DUNCAN, DJ NED RYDER (QUEST) and collaborator MATTHEW).

2013 saw the emergence of his new identity, InnaSelf, releasing soulful, intuitive, thoughtful music with labels such as SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS, ODYSSEY RECORDINGS, TEXTURES MUSIC, SOUL BROS. RECORDS, INFLUENZA MEDIA, CELSIUS RECORDIGS, ATMOMATIX RECORDS, CITATE FORMS, SILHOUETTE AUDIO, DNBBrazil, and LIQUID TONES. In 2014 and 2016, InnaSelf won remix competitions hosted by record labels SOUL FLEX DIGITAL and REDCLIFFE RECORDS. In 2017, InnaSelf was officially approched to remix music for vocal artist LADY EMZ. The release was named 'FOUR-BIDDEN REMIXED' and was released on CONFUNKTION RECORDS. The second remix was a release alongside HumaNature of D+B artists Mode:Funktion, entitled "SO LONG" (THE REMIXES) on the label C RECORDINGS imprint.

In NOVEMBER 2018, InnaSelf released his debut LP 'JOURNEY HOME' on SMOOTH N GROOVE RECORDS. The album managed to break the top 10, peaking at position 9 in the JUNO DOWNLOAD charts. Limited edition CD versions of 'JOURNEY HOME' are available via InnaSelf's BANDCAMP page. Alongside producing solo tracks, InnaSelf has also collaborated musically with artists such as GREEKBOY, BASIC FORCES, FLUID FORM, SYNCLINE, DUOSCIENCE, TREMAH, CIRCLE:CIRCLE, and STUNNA (who remixed InnaSelf's track "CONCIOUSNESS" and was included on the 'JOURNEY HOME' album).

With global support of his music from the likes of RANDOM MOVEMENT, SCTOTT ALLEN, LM1, ROWPIECES, PHASE 2, TIM CANT, NELVER, DIFFERENT DRUMZ, LOGISTICS, and the BASSDRIVE Radio crew, InnaSelf continues to successfully moved forward with impeccable and memorable productions. His latest offering, the 'HIDE AWAY' EP on SMOOTH N GROOVE RECORDS is a stellar 4-track offering and lands MONDAY, MAY 31st worldwide in all fine digital retail outlets.

Please join us this session as InnaSelf unveils a brand new guest set featuring many of his new productions alongside some of his favorite tracks doing the rounds worldwide. Tune in!

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