Thursday, November 5, 2020

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from SHAMANGA aka FSTZ - November 11, 2020

On WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11th, STUNNA presents another very special edition 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this week's installment, STUNNA welcomes versatile, musical journeyman SHAMANGA aka FSTZ into the 'GREENROOM' for his inaugural appearance on the program.

Electronic music producer, DJ and podcaster SHAMANGA (aka FSTZ, and real name JJ SODERLING) has been deeply involved in the industry for well over two decades. Originally from southern CALIFORNIA, and now residing near KANSAS CITY, he made his initial mark on the local music scene with his KABLAMMO! event series. Currently, his myriad of creative projects include: SHAMANGA, FSTZ, ULTRANET, RIDDIM DANGEROUS, SUBDOMAIN RADIO, CHAKRA SCIENCE, INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF DUB, and DRUTHERS & DRIPS. He has collabroated with a talented stable of global artists including 6BLOCC, CALCULON, MC ZULU, JON 1ST, and ORKO ELOHEIM. His original tracks and collaborations have been remixed by esteemed producers, such as DJ MADD, SINISTARR, SKEPTICAL, and SURVIVAL.

The recent tracks released on VOYAGE MUSIC under the SHAMANGA alias, fall under the category of MINIMAL DRUM+BASS. The ULTRANET project, with underground HIP HOP legend and longtime collaborator ORKO ELOHEIM, is a mixed bag of sounds, ranging from HALFTIME D+B, HYBRID HIP HOP, FOOTWORK and DARK BASS.

Please join STUNNA this session as he welcomes SHAMANGA aka FSTZ into 'THE GREENROOM' for an exclusive guest mix featuring his own music alongside some of his favorite selections from around the globe. Tune in!

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Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago