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'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from GALAXI: November 25, 2015

On WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2015, STUNNA closes out the month with an exclusive installment of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this week's program, we're treated to a guest mix from GALAXI in celebration of his debut album '2015' that was recently released on ADVECTION MUSIC.

The 'GOLDEN STATE,' better known as CALIFORNIA, is host to a true visionary in the music world known by the name GALAXI. Raised on a mixture of Jazz, Soul, R&B and Hip Hop, his musical interest was ignited at an early age. During his school years he was trained in various instruments including the saxophone, piano, guitar, and his primary interest, the drums. As he excelled in his musical talents, his skills as a drummer led him to compete in numerous competitions where he went on to win many awards and recognizable achievements with his school band. Furthermore, he has also played the drums in jazz trios and jazz ensembles, as well as played alongside his friend, the world-famous THOMAS PRIDGEN of THE MEMORIALS.

GALAXI has been influenced by many styles of music: everything from the electro-cinematic sounds of movie composer JERRY GOLDSMITH right down to the adventuresome scores of video games. “I’ve always enjoyed all the elements of music, but it’s the fundamentals such as the instruments and music production that I am most interested in.” In the mid 90′s, after collecting countless tapes, CDs, and vinyl, he added another selection to his musical catalog: electronic music, with its many genres of downtempo, breakbeat, techno, ambient, and house. It was with this new discovery that he came across another sound that would forever change his life and redirect his career goals. “I remember the first time hearing DRUM+BASS. It was shocking that there was a genre of music that incorporated the same drum patterns and music vibes I used to play in my jazz band days. At that point, I knew I had to be part of electronic music.” After collecting many compilations and DJ mixes from the electro scene, GALAXI decided to learn how to create his own music. Motivated, he built his own in home studio and began the assembling the sounds of GALAXI.

DRUM+BASS has played a major role in GALAXI’s music production. “I used to spend all day listening to CDs by LTJ BUKEM, RONI SIZE, SQUAREPUSHER, GOLDIE, and PHOTEK, just to name a few.” At the time, there were a few DRUM+BASS nights hosted in CALIFORNIA, but being too young to enter clubs, he could not visit his favorite DJs live. Undeterred, he bought his own turntables, and with the help of the internet, stayed in touch with the D+B scene as he listened to UK radio shows such as BBC RADIO 1.

In 2002, GALAXI met UK producer and DJ TIDAL through his early ADVECTION website. “When speaking to TIDAL, it was like I was talking to my lost brother! We had everything in common musically.” They expressed various ideas with one another about the past, present, and future of music. After years of exploring the music scene together, they decided to launch ADVECTION MUSIC together. It was a pivotal beginning of pushing the sounds they created and enjoyed.

GALAXI has shared his musical talent with many artists and performed at multiple events. In 2005, he was booked to open for LTJ BUKEM at 'PROGRESSION SESSIONS' in BIRMINGHAM, UK. “DJing in the UK for the first time was an honor. That was the first time in my life I saw so many people love the music I created.” Performing live in the UK led to GALAXI being booked at more events worldwide. From CHRIS INPERSPECTIVE’s 'TECHNICALITY' night in LONDON to LOS ANGELES’ club nights at 'MUSE,' DJing became his next greatest project in his music life. With releases on ASC's COVERT OPERATIONS label, such as ‘LEAVE' (ASC remix) and ‘AURORA,' GALAXI began to go back into the studio work on music. With TIDAL, the production duo “DEEP GEMINI” was formed. While creating different tracks together, an ADVECTION mini-tour was done which included events in SAN FRANCISCO, CHICAGO, and NEW YORK along with SOUL OBJECTIVE, MC SMILEE, and the late JAY LE ROC. This was the foundation for ADVECTION MUSIC to take its course.

Through the years since, GALAXI has moved deftly between a number of electronic music genres, and in the final quarter of this year, his debut album '2015' has surfaced on ADVECTION MUSIC and it showcases a gifted producer's acumen for creating cutting-edge music with atmosphere. Join us this session as GALAXI presents a special guest mix featuring his own creations and music currently doing the rounds in his DJ sets. Tune in!!

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