Monday, June 8, 2015

STUNNA feat PLACE 42 'OMERTA' EP [TELLURIC RECS.] - Available Now!

Celebrating its landmark 10th year in business, TELLURIC RECORDINGS moves into the summer of 2015 with one of its most special releases to date. A collaborative effort between Chicago-based producer STUNNA and TELLURIC label owner PLACE 42, the 'OMERTA' EP delivers four tracks that are equal parts funk, soul, and cinematic. In the vein of the duo's past TELLURIC offerings 'RUN' [TELLURIC vinyl 011] and 'SOULCATCHER' ['TELLURIC ACTIVITY' volume 2], the 'OMERTA' EP unveils the duo's penchant for creating something brand-new with a respectful nod to the past. From the enthralling strings of opener "MISTY," to the deep and rugged, rolling locomotive "MADE," the 'OMERTA' EP captures the true essence of the uncompromisingly refined and curated TELLURIC sound. Enjoy!

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