Wednesday, May 27, 2015

'THE GREENROOM' In-Studio Guest TIM NICE June 3, 2015

Kicking off a brand new month, on JUNE 3, 2015, STUNNA presents another very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. On this week's edition, we welcome a fellow CHICAGOAN producer, DJ, and radio host known as: TIM NICE.

TIM NICE (aka TIME NICE/TIM NICKLESS) is an eclectic music producer, DJ, radio show host, and studio engineer originally hailing from the SOUTHWEST SIDE of CHICAGO. His introduction to dance music began in 1993 when a friend bestowed a set of mixtapes featuring GHETTO HOUSE/BOOTY HOUSE from the likes of DJ FUNK, SLUGO, and DEEON. In turn, this introduction inspired TIM to learn about as many styles of music as possible, and eventually, to seek formal education as a professional recording engineer and producer.

As a DJ, TIM holds a ridiculous amount of JUNGLE/FOOTWORK hybrid tracks. However, depending on the event, one can expect to hear any number of a variety of styles from DRUM+BASS to TECHNO to UNDERGROUND HIP HOP to a number of hybrids of BASS MUSIC's many forms. Priding himself on an eclectic and innovative mixing style, TIM loves to connect the dots between a myriad of sounds to illustrate just how similar most genres are to one another.

Currently TIM is a co-host (alongside SEARCHL1TE, JEEKOOS, and the featured talents of MC ZULU) of the the long-time running 'PARTY TIME SOCIETY' radio program (borne out of the original 'STRICTLY JUNGLE' and 'PART TIME SUCKER' shows) airing THURSDAY evenings on NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY's WNUR 89.3FM dial. The show is dedicated to featuring independent artists from around the world with a variety of styles within DRUM+BASS and beyond. Outside of the broadcast studios, TIM can be found rocking parties at some of the finest venues around CHICAGO, as well as preparing the imminent launch of his very own music imprint entitled ROCK MANY STYLES (which is set to offer a free compilation soon as a kick-off over on its BANDCAMP Site.

Join us for this broadcast of 'THE GREENROOM' as we're treated to an exclusive in-studio guest mix from TIM NICE as he takes us on a journey through the many styles of DRUM+BASS music. Tune in!!

**For more information on TIM NICE, visit:

• TIM NICE on Soundcloud
• TIM NICE on Facebook
• TIM NICE on Twitter
• ROCK MANY STYLES on Facebook
• ROCK MANY STYLES on Bandcamp

***Also, on FRIDAY, JUNE 5th: Catch TIM NICE, STUNNA, SEARCHL1TE, and OVC as they all perform in support at the record release party for the new 'WRONG LANE' EP from QUADRATIC on DROIDSONG RECORDINGS. The event takes place at THE BURLINGTON BAR (3425 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago) from 9pm-2am. For more info, visit: • HERE •

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