Wednesday, March 13, 2024

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from LENORE - March 20, 2024

On WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20th, STUNNA moves deeper into the month's broadcasts of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. During this week's edition, STUNNA welcomes established selector and tastemaker LENORE to the program, as she makes her debut appearance, armed with a brand new guest mix.

LENORE FAULISO is co-founder at ELEMENTS, one of the longest running dance music weeklies in the world, located at the PHOENIX LANDING in BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS since January 1999. In the early '90s, her passion for electronic music led her to start collecting vinyl records. The collection was meant to be for home listening, but DJing at underground parties somewhat accidentally (and serendipitously) followed. In 1996, while shopping new releases at record stores like the infamous BOSTON BEAT, LENORE developed an affinity for JUNGLE and has been a devotee of the genre and its various substrata ever since. Now in its 26th year, her ELEMENTS night brings in local, national and international talent to BOSTON weekly, building the reputation of one of the most prestigious DRUM+BASS events in the country and world. A resident of ELEMENTS since its inception, she’s known for her tastemaking selections and moody set progressions, with resident nights being some of the most popular nights among regulars. Outside of ELEMENTS, her diverse record collection and discernment in procuring fresh new sounds has made her genre-bending sets some of her most sought after.

Join us this session as LENORE unveils a guest mix featuring some of her favorite tracks doing the global rounds. Tune in!

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Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago