Wednesday, January 17, 2024

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from MEDICATED DRUMS - January 24, 2024

On WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24th, STUNNA hosts another very special installment of 'THE GREENROOM' BASSDRIVE radio. In this week's edition, STUNNA welcomes dynamic duo MEDICATED DRUMS to the program, as they make their inaugural appearance, armed with an exclusive guest mix.

DENVER, COLORADO-based DRUM+BASS production/DJ outfit MEDICATED DRUMS consists of ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE aka AL7M3D (JASON) and BORROWED DRUMS (JEFF). Both artists have a long history in the stateside scence, and when the pair initially linked up in 2019, they discovered their mutual agreement in mixing styles and musical tastes. This, in turn, led them to team up for a number of back to back DJ sets, as well as join forces as a formidale production pair in the studio domain.

Their debut DRUM+BASS release as a duo, entitled the 'BASS THUG' EP, recently dropped worldwide courtesy of the burgeoning JUNGLE TINGS AUDIO imprint, and is currently doing the rounds worldwide by many of the scene's top selectors. Be on the lookout for more music and mixes from MEDICATED DRUMS dropping throughout 2024 and beyond, including their 'OVERCAST' livestream via the UPFRONT RANGE channel on TWITCH, and various events in the DENVER area courtesy of the KONKRETE JUNGLE MILE HIGH crew.

Join us this session as MEDICATED DRUMS makes their debut in 'THE GREENROOM' and unveil a brand new guest mix crafted especially for this show. Tune in!

*For more information on AL7M3D / BORROWED DRUMS / MEDICATED DRUMS / UPFRONT RANGE, visit:

• AL7M3D on Facebook
• BORROWED DRUMS on Facebook
• UPFRONT RANGE on Facebook
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Hosted by STUNNA
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