Wednesday, January 22, 2020

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from SUB PROVIDER - January 29, 2020

On WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29th, STUNNA closes out the month of programs with another special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. In this week's session, we're treated to an exclusive guest mix from seasoned DRUM+BASS selector and tastemaker SUB PROVIDER.

FRENCH-based artist SUB PROVIDER (aka GAETAN/GUY) began his career in electronic music in 1994 with his initial introduction to the sounds of TECHNO. Based in ANNECY, he was exposed to his first rave parties, and the wide spectrum of music there led him to discover seminal sounds of JUNGLE music as championed by the likes of GROOVERIDER, FABIO, and DJ HYPE. Relocating to the metropolis of PARIS in 1995, he found work at the TV station CANAL+ for their 'LA GRANDE FAMILLE' show, and ultimately helped to incorporate the burgeoning sounds of DRUM+BASS into their programming. Returning back to ANNECY in 1996, he learned to program on the CUBASE sequencer and joined forces with another producer to form a live TECHNO act named SUBJUNCTION. With an irresistible drive to create and perform music, he also founded the DRUM+BASS act JUNCTION 14 and signed the 'PARADOXAL PHAZE' EP to INTERZONE RECORDS in 1998. Continuing to write and perform during the remainder of the 1990s, GAETAN dabbled in a number of various live music and DJ projects. After a brief hiatus from the music scene, 2008 saw him reemerge under the 'NEON DEPT' guise, and upon his return to PARIS in 2012, he quickly fell in love with the enthralling sounds of LIQUID FUNK and began performing under the 'SUB PROVIDER' name in 2012.

With a flurry of online radio residencies and guest mixes under his belt, SUB PROVIDER currently curates the "FRENCH CONNECTION" mix series for the DIFFERNT DRUMZ site. Dedicated to showcase music from the large stable of talented producers from his homeland of FRANCE, SUB PROVIDER and his like-minded crew of DJs and producers continue to spread the gospel of quality DRUM+BASS to listeners worldwide.

Join us this edition of 'THE GREENROOM' as SUB PROVIDER presents an exclusive guest set crafted especially for this week's broadcast. Tune in!

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