Wednesday, September 11, 2019

'THE GREENROOM' LOCKED UP MUSIC Label Feature by DARK OPS - September 18, 2019

On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2019, STUNNA presents another special installment of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this week's session, we're treated to an Exclusive Label Feature on the LOCKED UP MUSIC imprint by the duo known as DARK OPS.

Comprised of talented, UK-based producer/DJs SECTION (JAMES BARCLAY) and FLASHBACK (ROSS CHAPMAN), DARK OPS is a new DRUM+BASS music outfit borne out of their mutual love and respect for heavy and dark JUNGLE with soul. In JANUARY of this year, the pair joined forced and unleashed 'THE RETURN' EP on SECTION's LOCKED UP MUSIC imprint and have since also released the 'THE JUNGLE DEMON' EP for the burgeoning REBEL MUSIC label manned by the legendary, multi-faceted artist OB1.

Initially launched in MAY 2017 by SECTION, LOCKED UP MUSIC was set up to release and promote artists making forward-thinking DRUM+BASS music and it has since received critical acclaim from every corner of the global scene. With a heavy roster of talent including the likes of AGRO, CONSCIENCE, DAPZ, FUTURE SHOCK, I-DREN, IKON-B, INJEKTIZM, JAYBEE, JOSEPHS PERCEPTION, KUMARACHI, LJ HIGH, MARCUS TEE, MARTYN NYTRAM, OPIUS, OUTSIDER, RMS, SR, SUST, TAELIMB, VERDIKT, XEROPOINT, and the late, great XTC-NOTTS, LOCKED UP MUSIC has had an action-packed past two calendar years. Set to unveil the second installment in the popular 'INMATES' various artist compilation series this autumn, LOCKED UP MUSIC continues to move strength to strength into 2019's final quarter with quality releases from some of the scene's most revered artists. 2020 is set to be the biggest year yet for LOCKED UP MUSIC, as they prepare to bombard listeners with offerings from SICKNOTE, SECTION, DARK OPS, and a third chapter in the 'INMATES' series.

Join us for this broadcast as the DARK OPS duo drops a special guest mix featuring all LOCKED UP MUSIC releases (past, present, and future) and showcases both of their talents within the studio domain as well as behind the decks. Tune in!

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