Wednesday, January 11, 2017

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from GORETEKS: January 18, 2017

On WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2017, STUNNA presents another special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this week's broadcast, we're treated to an exclusive guest mix from one of DRUM+BASS music's finest DJ/production teams. GORETEKS steps up to the plates and delivers a special all-vinyl set for the program.

DENVER, COLORADO is the home of D+B duo GORETEKS (aka TYLER SCHRODER and TRACY STRODE). For nearly 20 years, they’ve been playing their favorite brands of DRUM+BASS across the state, originally as DJs BALOO and STRODE. The pair first met at college shortly after the turn of the millennium, and dropped many a record for several years before starting production and getting their first release in 2010. Influenced by dark masters like TECH ITCH, DOM + ROLAND, and B KEY, GORETEKS has been busy in the studio and spread their production efforts across many labels over the past few years. They’ve seen releases on Stateside imprints such as PLUSH, FREE LOVE DIGI, NOISYDRUMS and SECTION 8. Their finely-crafted tracks have graced UK labels ARCHITECTURE, 117, OMNI MUSIC, and LOGICAL DIRECTION, as well as revered EU imprints EASTERN PROMISE, MONOCHROME RECORDINGS, and many others. A vinyl release in 2017 is the next goal this exciting duo is aiming to fulfill.

GORETEKS is also part of the RECON DNB crew in DENVER. Having recently celebrated their 13th anniversary in business, as well as settled into their new home at the newly-opened BLACK BOX venue, RECON brings in international D+B talent every 3rd Saturday, often for their first visit to the Mile High city. You can catch GORETEKS on their weekly TUESDAY radio show which airs 6pm-8pm Mountain Time on JUNGLETRAIN.NET where they routinely drop an eclectic blend of both new and classic vinyl, as well as cutting-edge tracks straight from their production studio.

Join us for this week's 'GREENROOM' session as GORETEKS graces the airwaves with an exclusive wax set featuring some of their favorite tracks from producers around the globe. Tune in!!

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