Thursday, March 20, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from SILENT DUST: March 26, 2014

**Due to DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, 'THE GREENROOM' will air one hour later in NORTH AMERICA until the end of MARCH **

On WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 2014, STUNNA presents another exclusive edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. On this installment, he features a guest mix from two of the electronic music scene's finest producers (HOBZEE + ZYON BASE): collectively known as SILENT DUST.

Having each cut their teeth initially with solid DRUM+BASS releases on labels such as FOKUZ, SAMURAI, IM:LTD, RED MIST, INFLUENZA, LUCKY DEVIL, and L PLATES, the UK-based pair have since widened their musical scope. In their experimentation with different tempos and collaborations with a diverse group of innovative producers, remixers and vocalists, SILENT DUST have successfully moulded their signature sound into something that defies categorization: just pure, quality music with no boundaries or constraints.

With their 2011 self-titled 'SILENT DUST' long-player (the inaugural release on their own NONE60 imprint), SILENT DUST showcased their refined vision on modern music and reached out to enlist the expertise of CALIBRE, MARCUS INTALEX and OM UNIT for a collection of remixes for the album. In the years since the label's launch, NONE60 has released a successful string of singles featuring SILENT DUST themselves, as well as the talents of SINISTARR, ALTAIR, SELF SAYS, ZILLA ROCCA, and more. The latest addition to the NONE60 discography (NSY010 - released MARCH 24, 2014) welcomes the talented SINA and includes stellar, genre-bending remixes from FYBE ONE, SUN GLITTERS, and SILENT DUST.

If producing original music, remixing for the likes of JUNE MILLER, SAM KDC, TRIAD, and overseeing the NONE60 daily operations weren't enough, SILENT DUST have recently launched their own podcast. Featuring a number of musical influences, current dubplates, and brand-new music from SILENT DUST themselves, the SILENT DUST Podcast series gives a peek into their vast knowledge of past, current and future music. You can grab the initial installment (001): HERE and the second document is on its way soon.

Tune in for this 'GREENROOM' session as we're treated to a very special guest mix from SILENT DUST!

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Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago