Tuesday, December 11, 2012

STUNNA Presents the (New) 'Greenroom' Archives

Hey there folks,

Due to POSTBOCKS completely leaving all their customers high + dry with absolutely no formal, professional explanation (and complete site data loss), I've begun to migrate the vast archive of mixes over to my NEW PAGE: www.mixcrate.com/stunnachi --- and although many of the weekly 'Greenroom' shows you've seen in the past will not appear currently, I'm attempting to make that page a permanent home for all the artist 'Spotlight' Mixes I've done over the years as well as having it be an oasis for many other studio mixes and weekly archives. Thanks for your patience as I attempt the daunting task of re-uploading hundreds of hours worth of music as well as clear a path for more up-to-date offerings from the vast catalogue of 'Greenroom,' 'SundayNiteFever,' and studio mix archives!

To kick of the new proceedings, I've re-uploaded all 21 of the 'Greenroom' Spotlight Mixes to date (click on the pic to be taken to the archive page)............

For More Info, Visit:

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• www.mixcrate.com/stunnchi
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