Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SUN+BASS 2012: The Round-Up

After countless times of the words 'next year' passing my lips, I finally made the trek over to San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy for THE Drum+Bass festival known as 'SUN + BASS' (a week-long, multi-event production featuring Drum+Bass DJs, producers, labels, and fanatics). Taking place September 1st thru 8th, 2012 marked the 9th year of the ever-evolving fest that truly is the mecca for all things D+B. I'm still kicking myself for waiting so long to experience all the great people I met, vibes at each event, and the true beauty of exotic Sardinia. Many thanks to all the organizers of the festival, the BASSDRIVE crew who represented (and partied) 110%, and of course, all the great friends, new and old, that I met. Highlights for me included the METALHEADZ party (completely insane vibes), MARKY + FRIENDS, COMMERCIAL SUICIDE Showcase, the DRS + CALIBRE albums launch party, MARKY + A-SIDES' soul/funk/hip hop set at Bal Harbour, BASSDRIVE Sessions at Ambra Day, both the SAMURAI and closing parties at Ambra Night, and last but certainly not least: the impromptu all-originals sunrise set I played on Ambra beach for the Austrian crew on the final morning of the festival. Here are a few pix to bring back memories.......

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*Bonus video from 'BASSDRIVE Sessions' at Ambra Day, September 6, 2012:

*Full audio archive of the above set.......

(Many thanks to the BASSDRIVE kru for recording and broadcasting not only this set, but many others throughout the week)

BRING ON 2013!!!